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So Sad, and cowardly

This is what happened at Sim Control:

During today a netherlands hacker has deleted all the content of our site and has covered all the sections with strong language and pornography.
Fortunately, there was in our disposal a security backup of the whole site from 3.00AM of this morning, so we were able to return to the site as it was this morning before the hacking.
We apologise to all the users that suffered this situation, we've worked hard and quickly to solve it as soon as possible.
Also I have to say that all of you can feel secure in our site because we have really strong security systems and tools that protect all the users' data. The attack we suffered was a direct attack, so it's not related to our site's security.

The attack was because Pilar joined to the FA of The Sims Resource. It's a shame that we see this in a community where the goal is to share our love for the sims, I see a long presence of excessive charges, demands, criticism and blame for many people who create for the sims, whether long career, newbies, free or pay. People have lost its way, the struggle of the people anti TSR takes things to an extreme inadmissible, I agree with that should not be charged the creations for the sims, but I strongly disagree with this act of cowardice. It is cowardly because they went to a site whose content is free, i think they have fear of Thomas. Pilar is a great Artist and only, in all her career, have one item for pay, is that not fair. Was the work of an entire community...

I'm happy that they're back and they can solve the problems, so please, if you don't like the things you saw in a site, go to another, or with respect say why you are in disagree, not reach these extremes.

(sorry my grammar i hope i expresed myself correctly)

Homely Set - Updated -


This Set includes 6 meshes / Este set incluye 6 meshes:

1. Sillón / Armchair (conversion Sim in paris)
2. Sofa 1x3/ Sofa 1x3 (conversion sim in paris)
3. Candelabro pirámide / Pyramid Candelabra (conversion sims 2)
4. Candelabro Chimenea / Fireplace Candelabra (conversion sims 2)
5. Mesa de Café / Coffee Table (conversion sim in paris)
6. Botella Cava y Copas / Cava Bottle and Glasses (by me)


Dogwood blossom & Flora Botanica

These paintings are somewhat old, i had them in the Casas, cosas, sims forum, but someone asked me to put them here since he/she saw one of them in miniset 02


Elegance Diningroom

Este Set Incluye 12 meshes nuevas / This set includes 12 new meshes:

1. Mesa de comedor 1x3 / Dining Table 1x3
2. Silla / Chair
3. Vitrina 1 / Cupboard 1
4. Vitrina 2 / Cupboard 2
5. Aparador 1x2 / Sideboard 1x2
6. Hiedra en copa de cristal / Ivy in Glass
7. Lirios / Lillies
8. Cuadro 1- Baroque Silohuette/ Painting 1- Baroque Silohuette
9. Cuadro 2 - Maison Parisienne / Painting 2 - Maison Parisienne
10. Cuadro 3- Peony Dusk / Painting 3 - Peony Dusk
11. Estantería / Shelves
12. Vela / Candle
Download Sims3pack

Download Packages

New Shelf and Paintings Recolors



Mini Set 02

This miniset includes / Este miniset inluye:
1. Armchair / Sofa
2. Puff
3. Coffee Table /Mesa de Café
4.Candles 3 in 1 / Velas 3 en 1
5. Tulips / Tulipanes

Another mini set, this goes of conversions, the conversions are the tulips, the armchair and  thepuff, the candles and the table are mine, the armchair is from  sims divine, I don't left as the original, I have softened so it would look more rounded and didn't have sharp edges; the puff I'm not sure but  it seems is from simventions, like the sofa I fixed a little bit and I had to remap these to have recolor sections. The tulips, are form any ep of sims 2, and i did the vase, sometimes convert give more work that to do from scratch because some objects need to be cleaned and remap, but there are good things from the sims 2 that worthwile

Otro mini set, este va de reconversiones, las reconversiones son los tulipanes, el sofa y el puff, las velitas y la mesa son mías, el sofa es de sims divine, no lo he dejado tal cual, lo he suavizado para que se viera más redondeado y que no tuviera los bordes tan afilados, el puff no estoy muy segura pero me parece que de simventions, al igual que el sofa lo arreglé un poquito y tuve que remapear los dos para tener las secciones recoloreables, de los tulipanes, solo hice el jarrón y tome los tulipanes no se si de alguna expansión de los sims 2, a veces da trabajo reconvertir que hacer de cero, por que hay que limpiar y remapear, pero bueno hay cosas de los sims 2 que valen la pena


Tulip interlude & Paris

You will notice that a few days ago I put advertising on the blog, some will say that disfigure the blog, others that hinder, but it's a way to support the things i do.


Sofa + Collage Painting

This Sofa was my first experiment when i started meshing, is simple but i want to share it with my new painting, if you don't want it or like, just drop out :P

----- Download -----

If you had problems with the link, please try this one:

----- Download at Megaupload -----


Mini Set and...

This is a miniset, only include 3 things:
-Chais Longue

A few days ago I put a preview of a special set for the second anniversary of the forum, since today you can go to the forum to download it, whether that is a burden to register for each forum, and even more if it is in a language that don't understand.
I put a few steps to register, is a way to support people who spend their time for free in the sims 3, if you really don't want to register because you are already registered in many forums, you can wait and I'll put it here in a few days, but I can tell you it's worth registering, not only is my set, also the creations of other wonderful people who make up the forum.

If you want this now:

 you can go to:

if you're not registered go to:

and follow this steps:



If you have any cuestion, ask here or in the forum, and sorry my grammar, english is not my first lenguage (neither the second, or third, lol) ;P



 Something sweet for a change :P


New Mesh

Sorry, i was busy preparing a set for the second aniversary of Casas Cosas Sims Forum, October 24th there will be a special update and you can download this set and many other things made by the other creators of the forum




Alfred Gockel 2x2

This is a new mesh, 4 paintings in one



This set includes:

- Sofa 1x3
- Tulips in pot
- Plate with cherries and strawberries
- Coffee Table 1x2

Hope you like!


Preview of DSD Set

This set will have 5 new meshes



Recolor of my vertical tryptic

----- Download -----



----- Download -----

You can comment on what you like and don't like on this blog


Travel By Night

Travel by night Painting

----- Download-----


Lily, Boutique, Breeze

Lily by Steven Meyers - Mesh by Desdren
----- Download Lily -----

Boutique by Krista Sewell - Mesh by Desdren
----- Download Boutique -----

Breeze by Tandi Venter - Recolor of Simpossible mesh

---- Download Breeze -----


Sui Tulipani

New painting mesh with frame

----- Download -----


New set with 10 new meshes

----- Download -----
This is my first set and includes:

El set incluye / The Set includes :

- sofa 1x1
- sofa 2x1
- sofa 3x1
- Florero / Vase
- Libros / Books
- Revistas / Magazines
- Juego de Té / Tea Service
- Mesa de Café 1 / Table coffee1
- Mesa de Café 2 / Table coffee 2
- Cuadro grande con marco / Large Painting with frame
- Recolor de Cuadro doble de Simpossible / Recolor of Simpossible's doble painting

you can find it in Casas, cosas, sims too (there will be more updates, it worth registering)



Original Mesh from simpossible
----- Download -----