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Homely Set and Elegance Diningroom Updated

 The Homely Set and the Elegance Diningroom were fixed, the last one had some issues with the shadows and with the new expansion, the shelf caused the blue lot problem, but now is fine and has a new recolor. Each of the paintings have 4 new recolors, i hope you like the changes :D


Nuelle Bathroom

Hello!! I'm Back from vacations, i'm happy to see that you still coming to see my work. I've finished a bathroom, this work, was new for me, and the counter have an issue, can't work as "package", so is only available as Sims3pack, even if you convert it.

About the update of my past work, be sure that i'm working in convert everything, and improve it, but be patient, i have a lot of work to do :P

So enjoy this set for now XD

This File includes:

1. Bathtub
2. Sink
3. Toilet
4. Counter (only as sims3pack included in both files)
5. Table
6. Towel
7.Wall Towel
8. Toilet Paper
9. Lotions
10. Liquid soap
11. Mirror

- For WA -


Habitat Livingroom

Este set incluye / This set includes:

1. Sofa 1x2
2. Armchair / Sillón
3. Coffee Table / Mesa de café
4. End table / Mesa auxiliar
5. Decorative Plate / Plato decorativo
6. Tulips Flowerpot / Tulipanes en tiesto
7. Tulips 2 / Tulipanes 2

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For use this, You need World Adventures