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Udden Kitchen

It's been a while ago that I've posted a set to download, I'm sorry I was busy and Summer is too hot to stay at home, but now I'm back and I want to share a new set. It's an Ikea Kitchen, since I saw it at the catalogue I wanted to do it, so this is the result.

Counters are modular, have only 2 legs to assembling with another counter. You will need to use "move objects on" to place the shelf and racks (The racks are made to be placed under the counters).

Hope you like it :D


This Set Includes 23 meshes:

1. Cabinet 1 (deco only / cabinets section)
2. Cabinet 2 (deco only / cabinets section)
3. Cabinet 3 (deco only / cabinets section)
4. Cabinet 4 (deco only / cabinets section)
5. Cart (end tables)
6. Counter 1
7. Counter 2
8. Counter 3
9. Counter 4
10. Counter Island
11. Cups 1
12. Cups 2
13. Jar
14. Rack with Herbs
15. Dinner Plates 1
16. Dinner Plates 2
17. Shelf (end tables)
18. Bottle of Wine 1
19. Bottle of wine 2
20. Wine Rack
21. Stove
22. Racks for counter (end tables)
23. Bowls

Updated - New Link and Fixed for Pets