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Udden Kitchen Part 2

Hey! This is the second part of my udden kitchen, I think in the last set, some objetcs were missed, and some people in their comments had agreed with this, so here it is. Hope you like it :)

This Set Includes 10 meshes:

1. Cabinet glass door w/ slots 1
2. Cabinet glass door w/ slots 2
3. Fridge
4. Sink
5. Bowl
6. Flour (paper bag)
7. Glasses 1
8. Glasses 2
9. Wine Glasses 1
10. Wine Glasses 2


Updated - New Link and fixed for Pets


Udden Kitchen

It's been a while ago that I've posted a set to download, I'm sorry I was busy and Summer is too hot to stay at home, but now I'm back and I want to share a new set. It's an Ikea Kitchen, since I saw it at the catalogue I wanted to do it, so this is the result.

Counters are modular, have only 2 legs to assembling with another counter. You will need to use "move objects on" to place the shelf and racks (The racks are made to be placed under the counters).

Hope you like it :D


This Set Includes 23 meshes:

1. Cabinet 1 (deco only / cabinets section)
2. Cabinet 2 (deco only / cabinets section)
3. Cabinet 3 (deco only / cabinets section)
4. Cabinet 4 (deco only / cabinets section)
5. Cart (end tables)
6. Counter 1
7. Counter 2
8. Counter 3
9. Counter 4
10. Counter Island
11. Cups 1
12. Cups 2
13. Jar
14. Rack with Herbs
15. Dinner Plates 1
16. Dinner Plates 2
17. Shelf (end tables)
18. Bottle of Wine 1
19. Bottle of wine 2
20. Wine Rack
21. Stove
22. Racks for counter (end tables)
23. Bowls

Updated - New Link and Fixed for Pets


Living Sims Issue 17

This post is to thank Living Sims magazine, they always have a space for me and I want to congratulate all those who are behind this great job.

I recommend you to check this magazine, is full of wonderful tips, finds, interviews and in this issue you can find a tutorial of how to create your own paintings. What else can you ask for?


Villa Costa Dorada

Hi! This is my first house for Sims 3, hope you like it :D 
You need the last patch 1.2.7 / 2.7.7 / 3.3.11 / 4.0.87 and Ambitions for the laundry objects


Einfach Simlish

Furniture - Decoration
Stylist Sims
Sims Design Avenue
Cmomoney - Mod the sims
hudy777 - ModtheSims
Mango Sims
Desdren y Soulsim

EA Store

Ultra Lounge Youth Set
Sun, Surf & Sand (Swim + Sleep)
Potted Bamboo Glory (Bambú en Tiesto Gloria) / Included in Asia Fusion Set
Tropi-Con FauxFrond (Planta tropical artificial "falsifronda") / Included in Club Vaindenburger Den
Hojas Eternas (Eco Pack)
High-Reaching Window by BahHaus


Dolce Vita

Hi! A new set, is kind of shabby chic style :D


- Sofa 1x2
- Living Chair
- Floor Lamp
- Dining Chair
- Dining Table
- Cushions
- Sideboard (in coffee table section)


Updated: New Link and Fixed for Pets


Patterns Pack 2



Breuer Livingroom


Before beginning this post I want to thank those who have donated to support my blog. I Will never do things for money, but it feels good when someone appreciates the time you take to make this work, which is selfless, just because I like to do it. And no matter if the support is with a comment, download, or a donation, all are important to me. Thank you!

With the new Workshop, I modified the container slots of two objects. I made a coffee table that will work in an area of 2x2, and a library. Hope you like!

This Set Includes:
1. Sofa 1x3
2. Love seat
3. Ottoman
4. Picture Frame (4 recolors)
5. Coffee Table 2x2
6. Bookshelf
7. Flowers in vase 1
8. Flowers in vase 2
9. Books
10. Painting
11. Candles
12. Mirror

New link!!!

The entire set was updated and fixed with the TSR Pets CC bug fixer


Lilah Bedroom

A new bedroom yay!

 hope you like it, and if so... leave me a comment

:D thanks in advance

Includes 8 meshes:

1. Bed
2. Bedspread
3. End Table
4. Table Lamp
5. Dresser
6. Glasses and books
7. Love seat
8. Round Cushions


Patterns Pack 1

Some time ago I'm working on some patterns, some I made before starting with the meshes, and I have prepared 4 packages, this is the first, hope you like



Ollie Nursery

My second nursery, hope you like :D

1. Crib
2. Wardrobe
3. Coat Stand
4. Box Toys
5. Dresser
6. Floor Lamp
7. Table Lamp
8. Potty Chair
9. Shelf
10. Activity Table

Updated: New Link and Fixed for Pets


Spring Set

Today I want to share a spring set, there are some similar sets out there, but i added a few more things to make it a little differently. Hope you like it, happy holidays for those who have, and if not, happy weekend :D

1. Lounger
2. Canopy Tent
3. Love Seat
4. Armchair
5. Coffee Table 1x2
6. Coffee Table 1x1
7. Chair
8. Table
9. Books
10. Pond (for World Adventures)
11. Sand box
12. Jug of lemonade (with pink lemonade recolor)

New Link and fixed for pets