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Breuer Livingroom


Before beginning this post I want to thank those who have donated to support my blog. I Will never do things for money, but it feels good when someone appreciates the time you take to make this work, which is selfless, just because I like to do it. And no matter if the support is with a comment, download, or a donation, all are important to me. Thank you!

With the new Workshop, I modified the container slots of two objects. I made a coffee table that will work in an area of 2x2, and a library. Hope you like!

This Set Includes:
1. Sofa 1x3
2. Love seat
3. Ottoman
4. Picture Frame (4 recolors)
5. Coffee Table 2x2
6. Bookshelf
7. Flowers in vase 1
8. Flowers in vase 2
9. Books
10. Painting
11. Candles
12. Mirror

New link!!!

The entire set was updated and fixed with the TSR Pets CC bug fixer