Homely Set - Updated -


This Set includes 6 meshes / Este set incluye 6 meshes:

1. Sillón / Armchair (conversion Sim in paris)
2. Sofa 1x3/ Sofa 1x3 (conversion sim in paris)
3. Candelabro pirámide / Pyramid Candelabra (conversion sims 2)
4. Candelabro Chimenea / Fireplace Candelabra (conversion sims 2)
5. Mesa de Café / Coffee Table (conversion sim in paris)
6. Botella Cava y Copas / Cava Bottle and Glasses (by me)

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Another beautiful set. Thank you, Desdren:)

Gorgeous, can't wait to play with it in the game. Love SIP! Thank you!

I'm glad you like it, thanks for the comments :)

Would you mind telling me where I can find the pillows you used in this shot?

Espectacular!! felicitaciones ya lo estoy descargando

The Pillows are part of the sofa :)

Thanks for the comments / GRacias por los comentarios ;)

Such a wonderful set - as always. Thank you for sharing!

Yet another gorgeous set, thanks a million for sharing

Thank you...beautifully done.

This set is fabulous! Thanks so much for your hard work. Sorry to hear about the site attack, but we are glad that your Desdren site is back stronger then ever!! :)

Thank you so much for the comments, i'm glad that you like my work, or conversions :)

Thanks for sharing!
I love your painting since the beginning, and now you offer us some beautiful set!!
Thanks a lot!!


This is such a wonderful set. Thank you so much for sharing. I love the little candles. It's one of the things I missed most from Sims 2. That being said, I need to ask you a couple of questions about lighting. Is there a way I can contact you?


thank you so much for your talent.

This is beautiful I'm hoping its for the sims3

This is beautiful! I love the candles. Is there any way you can provide this as a SimsPack download?

Thank you for your talent.