Mini Set and...

This is a miniset, only include 3 things:
-Chais Longue

A few days ago I put a preview of a special set for the second anniversary of the forum, since today you can go to the forum to download it, whether that is a burden to register for each forum, and even more if it is in a language that don't understand.
I put a few steps to register, is a way to support people who spend their time for free in the sims 3, if you really don't want to register because you are already registered in many forums, you can wait and I'll put it here in a few days, but I can tell you it's worth registering, not only is my set, also the creations of other wonderful people who make up the forum.

If you want this now:

 you can go to: http://www.casas-cosas-sims.com/comedores-dining-room-f101/elegance-dining-set-12-new-meshes-t3884.htm#49090

if you're not registered go to:

and follow this steps:



If you have any cuestion, ask here or in the forum, and sorry my grammar, english is not my first lenguage (neither the second, or third, lol) ;P

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Desdres Hello, I can not at casas-cosas Sign unfortunately, always appears to me, I'm doing something wrong, my question here, could you please also set a download link? Thanks in advance! Love Greetings

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Sorry you can't sign in, i don't know what's the problem, like i said in the post, i will put the set in a few days, until the anniversary (october 24th) has passed because it was done specially for this occasion. I hope you understand ;)

Hello Desdres, thou canst not please set the link here? There are also other, with security, except myself, who at casas-regestrieren can not cosas! Please!