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Delcourt Diningroom

A Special Gift For New Year, hope you like :)

This Set Includes / Este Set Incluye:

1. Chair / Silla
2. Table / Mesa
3. Mirror / Espejo
4. Painting (4 in 1) / Cuadro (4 en 1)
5. Sideboard / Aparador

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Set Claire Part 03


- table 03
- chair 03
- barstool

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Christmas Set 2009 :)

Feliz Navidad!!!! / Merry Christmas!!!

This Set Includes/ Este Set Incluye:

1. Sofa 1x3
2. Sofa 1x2
3. Chaise Longue
4. Silla de Bar / Barstool
5. Velas Estrella / Star Candle
6. Mesa de Café / Coffee Table
7. Mesa Auxiliar / End Table
8. Aparador / Sideboard
9. Cajas deRegalos / Gifts Boxes


Set Claire Part 02


1. Claire Chair 02
2. Claire Table 02


Set Claire Part 01

This Set Includes:

1. Claire Chair 01
2. Claire Table 01

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Columbine Set

1. Sofa 1x3
2. Sofa 1x2
3. Chaise Longue
4. Flowers
5. End Table

This is my last post of the year, I'm going on holiday vacations and i'll come back until January 17th. I've done some sets, and this will be releasing every week by a friend of mine. I hope you like my work, there will be a Special for Christmas too. I have also updated two sets: Kyo Bedroom and D Dining Set

I hope you liked and enjoyed my sets. Thanks for all your support at the begining and for being patient with my mistakes. I wish all the best to all, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Eight Studio

Something curious has happened to me in doing this set, which originally was only to have a single chair, but someone told me that this chair was already made by stylist sims, so I decided to do another. And it seems we use the same library of 3D models, the only difference is that my chair has 2000 polygons and theirs 6000, obviously with more quality. If you do not want to have repeating chairs you can delete mine and stay with my chair number 2 ;)

Este Set Incluye / This Set Includes:

1. Escritorio / Desk
2. Silla Oficina 1 / Office Chair 1
3. Silla Oficina 2 / Office Chair 2
4. Librero / Library
5. Aparador / Sideboard
6. Cajas con Archivos / Boxes
7. Portapapeles / Clipboard
8. Lampara de Mesa / Table Lamp
9. Lampara de Suelo / Floor Lamp
10. Plato Decorativo / Decorative Plate
11. Cuadros 3 en 1 / Paintings 3 in 1
12. Cuadros con Marco 3 en 1 / Painting with frame 3 in 1

***** The Desk was changed because has 6 slots, and the sims can't sit behind it; if you download this set before 9:00 pm (Spain) 2:00 pm America, you need to change the desk, it's not necessary that you download the entire set, you can download only the desk, i'm sorry :( *****



At the request of several people, that they can´t play with the packages format, I'll try to upload most of the past sets in sims3pack version, for now, the first has been the Stella Diningroom. Be patient, i'm not going to post it fast, because i'll be busy and then i'll be traveling on vacation :D