Delcourt Diningroom

A Special Gift For New Year, hope you like :)

This Set Includes / Este Set Incluye:

1. Chair / Silla
2. Table / Mesa
3. Mirror / Espejo
4. Painting (4 in 1) / Cuadro (4 en 1)
5. Sideboard / Aparador

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7 comentarios:

I love this set, thanks very much for your hard work!

Looks great. I especially like the chairs. Thank you for sharing this with us.

So beautiful! Thank you for sharing. :)

This is a very lovely set! May I ask where you got the curtains from? I love your work by the way, keep it up!

I like it very much but unfortunately the delcourt dinding chair doesn't work. I can't see it in my inventory ingame. Could you pls help me. Thanks in advance

Hi Anon! I'm going to see what happened with the chair ;)