Habitat Livingroom

Este set incluye / This set includes:

1. Sofa 1x2
2. Armchair / Sillón
3. Coffee Table / Mesa de café
4. End table / Mesa auxiliar
5. Decorative Plate / Plato decorativo
6. Tulips Flowerpot / Tulipanes en tiesto
7. Tulips 2 / Tulipanes 2

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For use this, You need World Adventures

8 comentarios:

Beautiful, lovely living room.

Exceptional, really love it.

Thank you so much.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes.

Hugs, xoxoxoxo


Just found your site and congratulations, it's great!! I love everything I saw 'till now.

But I notice that some sets aren't in .sims3pack (I don't use .package files...), so I just want to know if you are planning to convert the rest or you just converted some?

Anyway, the objects I've got so far look great, can't wait to try them in the game!

Muchas gracias! :)

you have to post files sims3.pack but not contracted in RAR

This set is absolutely awesome! Thankyou so much - I absolutely love it!

And I'm glad its in .package format; .sims3pack breaks just as often and continues to slow your game even after its removed - just ignore people demanding you convert your files to inferior formats.

Hello from France,
Thank you for your beautiful creations. I have just started sharing mine on my blog : http://simsmusthave.blogspot.com/ and have used one of your terrific mesh. I hope you don't mind.
I would like to have an exchange of links with you. Is it possible ?

I would like to thank you, your stuff is absolutely great" I can't believe I haven't found this site before... I've seen you converted some SimsInParis stuff, so, do you think you can convert the Gift 08 of SIP in Black Pear Sims, or at least know if someone already did, pleeeease? I really miss that on TS3...
Again, congrats for the site, and thanks!

First, this set is in both formats, I was referring to the previous ones, and no one was demanding anything, just asking. Neither was telling to stop uploading the .package format.

Secondly, don't say a format is inferior without any fundament. Just go read some forums and you’ll find lots of people have problems with .package files. I know solutions for the package slowdown are coming, but as you prefer .package I prefer .sims3pack.

Besides, with .sims3packs you can choose to extract the package file and install it on your mods folder. But you can't convert a .package in a .sims3pack for now.