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Lilah Bedroom

A new bedroom yay!

 hope you like it, and if so... leave me a comment

:D thanks in advance

Includes 8 meshes:

1. Bed
2. Bedspread
3. End Table
4. Table Lamp
5. Dresser
6. Glasses and books
7. Love seat
8. Round Cushions


Patterns Pack 1

Some time ago I'm working on some patterns, some I made before starting with the meshes, and I have prepared 4 packages, this is the first, hope you like



Ollie Nursery

My second nursery, hope you like :D

1. Crib
2. Wardrobe
3. Coat Stand
4. Box Toys
5. Dresser
6. Floor Lamp
7. Table Lamp
8. Potty Chair
9. Shelf
10. Activity Table

Updated: New Link and Fixed for Pets


Spring Set

Today I want to share a spring set, there are some similar sets out there, but i added a few more things to make it a little differently. Hope you like it, happy holidays for those who have, and if not, happy weekend :D

1. Lounger
2. Canopy Tent
3. Love Seat
4. Armchair
5. Coffee Table 1x2
6. Coffee Table 1x1
7. Chair
8. Table
9. Books
10. Pond (for World Adventures)
11. Sand box
12. Jug of lemonade (with pink lemonade recolor)

New Link and fixed for pets