Patterns Pack 1

Some time ago I'm working on some patterns, some I made before starting with the meshes, and I have prepared 4 packages, this is the first, hope you like


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Oh very nice pattern! Thank you, Desdren. :)

Hello. (i an not so good to write english, sorry)

I like your page very much.
I have a sims blog myself, so I was wondering if we should link to each other?
When I put your banner on my page, also set on my account.
Rene swear my find my blog on BANNER:)
copy and paste:)

or my links



please send your banner too me here whit html code:)

or a link;)

e-mail: mysims3blogg@hotmail.com

I just love your pattern designs. So contemporary, funky, and cool! Keep up the great work.

Ah, links don't exist anymore :\ ...

Hi Al, i'm still updating since someone stole my mediafire account, but this link is updated now, please try it again :)

Thanks for your lovely patterns!