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Nursery Bees

Hi! This a colorful babies bedroom, so i hope you like. By the way, thanks to all for your comments ;)

And... I'm tired of telling this, but some people don't understand, don't post my download links in other sites, you can put the link to this blog. And the last one is that finally my photobucket account exceeded the bandwidth limit because of the hotlinking, and now is disabled (i'm using this for the forums not here)

1. Crib / Cuna

2. Dresser

3. Large Dresser Decoration

4. End Table

5. Toys Box

6. Mouse (toy)

8. Painting

9 - 15 . Wall Art 01 - 08
(The white ones are recolorables)


Plants Collection

Hi! Thanks for all the comments. Well, i did a mini collection of 10 plants, hope you like ;)

New Link and fixed for Pets


Velvet Kitchen

Hi! This kitchen gave me a headache to do it, it was not easy and I had to redo some furniture. It is much work to do some packages, and warning, these are large files that sims3pack. Thanks to Inge Jones for the advice with the counters. So I hope you like it and if you have any problem with the set, leave a message in this blog ;)

This Kitchen includes:

1. Counter 1
2. Counter 2
3. Cabinet 1
4. Corner Cabinet 1
5. Cabinet 2
6. Shelf 1
7. Shelf 2
8. Island Counter
9. Barstool
10. Extractor Hood
11. Stove
12. Teapot
13. Sauce Dishes
14.  Kitchen aids
15. Clutter Mugs



New link and Fixed for Pets