Udden Kitchen Part 2

Hey! This is the second part of my udden kitchen, I think in the last set, some objetcs were missed, and some people in their comments had agreed with this, so here it is. Hope you like it :)

This Set Includes 10 meshes:

1. Cabinet glass door w/ slots 1
2. Cabinet glass door w/ slots 2
3. Fridge
4. Sink
5. Bowl
6. Flour (paper bag)
7. Glasses 1
8. Glasses 2
9. Wine Glasses 1
10. Wine Glasses 2


Updated - New Link and fixed for Pets

8 comentarios:

I love the udden range, the decos are so amazing! Thanks very much!!

This is a beautiful set! Thank you so much for making another kitchen for us!

I am now figuring out the design and concept of the kitchen in my place. I thought it was the best kitchen concept!

:) This kitchen is beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

I came back to get the simpack version of this kitchen, and the only reason I knew where to find you was that the first time I downloaded, I had saved the picture of the kitchen -- and your name was on it.

Thank you for putting for your name on the picture, that was very helpful. And thanks again for creating the kitchen!

This kitchen is amazing, really! I've just downloaded and installed it, and I can wait to buy it for my house. I've just downloaded the Breuen Living Room Set too. I love your creations. Keep doing what you do, cause you do it amazingly well! New follower you've got here!;)

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