Nuelle Bathroom

Hello!! I'm Back from vacations, i'm happy to see that you still coming to see my work. I've finished a bathroom, this work, was new for me, and the counter have an issue, can't work as "package", so is only available as Sims3pack, even if you convert it.

About the update of my past work, be sure that i'm working in convert everything, and improve it, but be patient, i have a lot of work to do :P

So enjoy this set for now XD

This File includes:

1. Bathtub
2. Sink
3. Toilet
4. Counter (only as sims3pack included in both files)
5. Table
6. Towel
7.Wall Towel
8. Toilet Paper
9. Lotions
10. Liquid soap
11. Mirror

- For WA -

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Thank you thank you! Magnificent as usual!

Nice work Desdren, I was meaning muitp miss you....

Very nice bathroom!too bad you need WA :(

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's GORGEOUS! <3

Precioso baño Desdren!!! Gracias!


Thank you so much for the comments :D

Eres la mejor.
Mil gracias

Desdren, the problem you had with the counter in .package could be because you have to untick "default resources only" when you clone counters in s3oc. We are going to try and fix that properly, but that is the workaround for now.

Inge Jones

Thank you Inge!, i don't have any idea of this, and i really appreciate your help, i'm going to do what you say.

Hi Desdren, this is a wonderfull bath. Thank you for sharing. I've already linked your great site. You may consider linking to mine (http://sims3-fine-art.cyberrainbow.de/). Anyway, is it possible for me to use some of your great paintings-meshes? Of course you will get a link to the original-mesh and all the credits. Please let me know what you think.

Thank again for your great work

Hi SimEdu! You are so kind, and of course you can use the meshes, i really appreciate that you give me credits and the link,i'm considering adding more links in a few days, and of course i will include yours :D

This bathroom is so elegant, love it! Also like the new living sets, thanks so much for your hard work :)

This looks really good, thank you very much!

Hi Desdren ,can this beautiful bathroom run the base game?

Thanks for the comments anons :D

Charlotte, since i have world adventures i'm able to do things only for this expansion, but some peopple told me that certain things work for them, i guess it depends on having certain patches, i have update to the 2.8 patch. I hope this can help you, and thank you so much for asking ;)

I just discovered this site and I think things are wonderful for download! Dresden thank you very much for all that work!

* sorry not patch 2.8, i mean 2.08 O.o *

Thank you Dalintte, and welcome :D

I loved it! It's really beautiful, congratulations :D

Oh, the download links are down. Such a shame, this is the best bathroom set I've ever found.