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Gregory Gorham Paintings

----- Download -----

----- Download -----

Original Mesh by Simpossible


Vertical Tryptic

My second Mesh, hope you like

----- Download -----


Delicate Twigs

First recolor of my new mesh


*Edit: New Link, works now


Dutch Tulips (new mesh)

This is a new mesh made by me (you can find it in "Casas, cosas, sims" too)

------ Download ------


Four Paintings by Liz Jardine

------ Download ------


New Mesh

This a new mesh i've done for the "Casas, Cosas, Sims" Forum, you can find it here:


Jordi Labanda

Another ilustration from Jordi Labanda, original mesh from Stylist Sims

-------- Download -------


Golden Fussion

The original mesh is from Simpossible

----- Download -----

New Paintings

Hi you can find new paintings recolored by me in my blog in Casas, cosas, sims

And you can download here:


Beauty on Paper

Hi! This is a Recolor of Stylist Sims Painting from dining set o1. Hope you like!

------ Download ------


Cyclamen by Steven N Meyers

This was the original painting made in packages and taking a mesh made by Mango sims because at the begining I didn't have idea of meshing, now I've made my own mesh and I've added 9 recolors

This are the new recolors

Art by Steven N. Meyers


Krista Sewell paintings

This update (October 1st 2012) contain 8 recolors floral themed by Krista Sewell

Palmer Paintings

This was my second pack of paintings, two packages both paintings of Nick Palmer. Now that I've updated this painting I changed the mesh a little bit, is a bit bigger than the original and added 9 recolors of the same artist.
Original Paintings

New Paintings 9 recolors

Elf Princess Painting 8 recolors

Original Recolors
Hi! This was my first recolors made for the sims 3, now I've updated and changed packages for sims3pack, also have 8 recolors and all are paintings of Nicole Wong themed Elf Princess.

New Recolors