Lilah Bedroom

A new bedroom yay!

 hope you like it, and if so... leave me a comment

:D thanks in advance

Includes 8 meshes:

1. Bed
2. Bedspread
3. End Table
4. Table Lamp
5. Dresser
6. Glasses and books
7. Love seat
8. Round Cushions

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Woooooooooow, me encanto este set, maravilloso. que buen trabajo.


ojala si te animes a hacer el salon de juegos o ya de perdida la mesa de billar, saludos.

Hola Kerlof, gracias por tu comentario!

Estaba justamente viendo como hacer lo de la mesa de billar, ya tengo el modelo, pero claro, como en el juego todavía no hay una, no se en base a que clonarla, no me parece muy buena idea clonarla en base a la mesa de futbolin, porque funcionaria como eso. Y si no tendría que ser una mesa normal. Dejame seguir viendo opciones ;)

pues podria ser simplemente decorativa, la verdad a mi me encantaria con solo mirarla xD. saludos y hay luego me dices como o donde te podria mandar algunas imagenes para que veas mi casa xD es todo un relajo pero ahi va.

Yet another amazing set,Desdren I think your one of the most talented creators in the Sims 3 community. Thank You for sharing your creations with us

This is absolutely amazing, Desdren. Lots of simmers are able to create objects but what makes you different from lots of them is that you always make objects of great taste and class. Thank you!!

Hello, Desdren!
I love your creations very much and keep an eye on your blog constantly :)

I would like to know if you give permissions for using your creations for decorating houses and uploading them. Is it possible?

Hello Desdren,
Your job is amazing, beautiful ! You are a mentor to me. I try to make nice things myself (http://simsmusthave.blogspot.com/) but I think I would have much to learn from you.
Would contact me, I would like to know you.
Thanks, annej from France (mail : annejline@hotmail.com)

Thank you so much for your comments, i really really appreciate when someone likes your work. I keep learning and improving as I will do more things. And reading the comments, encourage me to keep doing things for free.

Alexandra sure you can use my objects, the only thing I'm asking is give me credit and put a link to the blog.

Annejline you can contact me at desdren@casas-cosas-sims.com
or in the forum http://www.casas-cosas-sims.com/forum.htm, i'm still learning, but i do what i can .:D

I've already put some your deco's in my new house- it's amazing, how they've britened the interior :))

Lovely set!! It's beautiful! Can I ask where you got the windows? Did you make them? If so, where can I find them because they're so pretty!

Very nice ! Bravo !!!! beau travail !

I love all your creations! You're the best!!!!

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Thank you so much for te comments!

Tara the windows are from http://einfachsimlisch.ei.funpic.de/Sims3/index.html


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It's beautiful thank you! :)

I just discovered your site and...just ...wow! Amazing creations! :)

the links are not working for this bedroom, can you please fix them????

Salut, je ne peux pas télécharger les liens ne fonctionnent pas ... Vraiment dommage de très beau téléchargement!