Breuer Livingroom


Before beginning this post I want to thank those who have donated to support my blog. I Will never do things for money, but it feels good when someone appreciates the time you take to make this work, which is selfless, just because I like to do it. And no matter if the support is with a comment, download, or a donation, all are important to me. Thank you!

With the new Workshop, I modified the container slots of two objects. I made a coffee table that will work in an area of 2x2, and a library. Hope you like!

This Set Includes:
1. Sofa 1x3
2. Love seat
3. Ottoman
4. Picture Frame (4 recolors)
5. Coffee Table 2x2
6. Bookshelf
7. Flowers in vase 1
8. Flowers in vase 2
9. Books
10. Painting
11. Candles
12. Mirror

New link!!!

The entire set was updated and fixed with the TSR Pets CC bug fixer

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Thank you so much for a wonderful set, a modest wonder please could you release the wallpattern too?

Thanks Anon! This pattern is part of the next pack of patterns :D

Thank you!!! I love this new set!!

Thank you! I love it! I got really into black & white stuff recently so this is perfect! :)

The idea of bookshelf is great! It looks so stylish and modern.

Your objects are so beautifully crafted. I look forward to every update.

Thank you for another wonderful set and keep up the good work!

That bookcase is totally cool! Thanks so much for yet another amazing set :)

Thank you so much for all the nice words! :D

Thank you soo much for sharing with us your amazing work! I loved soo much this living room! Its perfect ♥... 1000x Thanks *-*)/

You really have talent, my dear. :) This set is absolutely amazing, I can't wait to see it in my game. I wonder if you could tell me where that blue flower is from? I couldn't find it in this set. I would be really grateful for your reply. :) Best wishes,

Thank you Hadassa :D

Weronika, thank you so much, you're so kind :D, that blue flower is part of my plants collection, and you can find it here: http://desdren.blogspot.com/2010/03/plants-collection.html

все работы просто потрясающие! у тебя огромный талант! желаю тебе удачи))

How do you make glass objects ¿?

Desdren, all links were arranged, and put the credits, it was not my intention.. And once again, congratulations on super person you are, and their creations!

I've long since downloaded this set and love every bit of it. Just recently I've started recoloring picture meshes. I see your disclaimer notice and so felt that I should ask you if it would be okay to recolor the picture mesh in this set? I will of course give full credit to you and add a link to refer to this site if you approve. If you'd like to see some of my other work please go here: www.lkevelvet.blogspot.com

Hi Velvet, you are so kind for asking me first, of course you can, the only thing I'm asking for is what you say, a link and a credit :D

Thank you sooo much for your generosity. I hope to make something worthy of your mesh! :)

A beautiful set! The coffee table is perfect for reading nooks. Thanks very much!!

Lovely set! Links are not working :(

Hi!!! I'm looking for an explanation too, I think my mediafire account was stolen :((