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i loved!!!!! thank you so much

Oh my that lady bug pattern is too cute!!! thank you!

These look really lovely, but the link for the sims3pack download doesn't work at mediafire.

These look cute. Thank you~♥

Hi dresden,

First thank you for all you great work in general. It's really a nice add-on to the game and mostly in the sims house.

I hope my english won't be a problem for you to understand me ^^;

Anyway I searched a way to send you a mail but I didn't find a way (maybe I missed it :o ) that's why I send a message here instead.

I'm sorry if you already aware of it but I wanted to let you know in case...

I've used recently the dashboard created by Delphy ( http://linna.modthesims.info/download.php?t=387006 ) to see clean up some corrupted files and see other problems...

I realised that a lot of your works conflicts with eachothers.
It's not really a problem when it's items of a same set that conflits but it's one when differents set conflits with eachother.

(I've read of the dashboard thread it can cause strange behavior in the game)

For example the elke set conflit with the velvet stove, the breuer living room ect.

In fact there is conflict with different set since the Elke set.

I don't really know anything about doing objects for the sims but maybe you changed your way of doing them or the tool and that's why there is some conflits?

Anyway I wanted to let you know.

Good continuation

Oh my how lovely! Thank you!

I visited this site, really liked what I saw.

Also I wondered if we were links to each other's side?

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thank you so much to everyone, Tinuleaf, i'm aware of this situation, and don't know why this is happening, i'm making the objetcs in sims3pack, and then i'm converting them to packages, so maybe i the convertion the objects get corrupted. I'm trying to study what can I do. I've been testing both files in differents places, and work fine in game. Thank you for the information any way, it's important to me.

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Very pretty. I think some of the files are mixed up though. I'm trying to match the patter number to the picture so i know what i'm adding to my game, using what pictures pops up in the launcher, and i'm finding that some patters from set 2 picture will be in the set 1 preview picture, or there's no matching picture at all

Aw, man, none of your links exist any more D: .