Goetz Sofa


This is my first post of the year and the first since I'm a mother,so i don't have time for the sims, but I didn't want to leave this sofa without  sharing. I'll try to update all the sets to the new patch, this sofa is ready to use with the new patch (and pets).

This is the sofa in real life:
Molded plywood carries an immediate association with classic Herman Miller designs, and Mark Goetz skillfully and creatively incorporates this material in his sofa design. By using common materials and processes in innovative ways, Goetz achieved a clean-lined, modern aesthetic.

And this is how the sofa looks in game

I don't know if someone make this already, but this is my version and I hope you like it.

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Hi Desdren, I love the sofa, I hope you find time now and again to create as your creations are ab fab and congratulations on becoming a mum!

Congratulations on your baby:) I really like the sofa kissing

Desdren!! Congratulations on your new baby and many more happy blessings to come :) Thank you for sharing your creations and I hope you do more when you find time between the baby and everything else :)


Congratulations Dresden on you new Bundle of Joy. I know how hectic it is being a new mom, so thank you for taking the time to share you beautiful sofa with us. We really appreciate whatever time you're able to give. Many OXOXOX's to you and the new little one.

I forgot to say...Thank You! And sorry for the type-o's...stupid internet translator! :)

Congrats¡ the sofa it´s amazing gracias x volver

Fabulous, as usual! Your meshes are always so clean and neat. Bravo!

Oh and... congratulations new Mama! Enjoy the little one. :)

Congrats for being a new mom!!! It's really better than playing The Sims...
The sofa is so cute...
Thanx for sharing!



broken link, can you reupload again please?

Purchased this set for our small but long deck which opens off of our living room. This was a perfect set which allowed us to create one long outdoor couch setting up an instant larger living room when our sliding doors are open.

Everything arrived as described, on-time and in good condition. The cushions are nice & the pieces require no set up at all.

Highly recommend for the pricing.

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