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Today I want to share a painting with five recolours. I made this painting for a tutorial in Casas, Cosas, Sims forum and some people asked me to share it, hope you like it ;)

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Hi Desdren, thank you for your creations once again. The paintings are quite interesting.

Also, i have a question about the pillow patterns that are on the bed in the third picture down. Where do you get the multi colored pattern. I haven't seen it before and it looks nice on a pillow. Thank you. Donna.

Hi! this pattern is fron Vita sims, is the eighth picture in this page:

Those paintings are super cool. Nice work.

Beautiful paintings, thank you!

Very nice paintings - thank you! Everything you create is so beautiful and works perfect in-game!

I had one question though. The black couch in the first picture, where is it from? I can't find it anywhere and I'd love to have it, it's lovely!

Thanks in advance for your response and for all the wonderful things you create for us!

Hi desdren.
Love your Site so much. The pics are beautiful.
Yesterday I started my own Sims3blog. I would be happy, if you take a look at it.

Your Blog looks so proffesionell, I´m still lerning. If you have a idea for me or something else to say, i would be very happy, if you leave a comment on my blog.

Have a nice evening! Greetings Annika

PS: And sorry for my english, I´m from germany and I just learned it at scool, and that was a few years ago.... ;-))

Please check it out!

Thank you very much, your work is amazing and I can't wait to use them in my game.

I love your work, I just downloaded everything! Great site!

i llove your work but i cant figure out how to download it. Can someone please give me a detailed description on how to download it?

This is stunning, I have mentioned it on my blog

Please, share the Pictures again.
This File is deletet or invalid. :(((