Nursery Bees

Hi! This a colorful babies bedroom, so i hope you like. By the way, thanks to all for your comments ;)

And... I'm tired of telling this, but some people don't understand, don't post my download links in other sites, you can put the link to this blog. And the last one is that finally my photobucket account exceeded the bandwidth limit because of the hotlinking, and now is disabled (i'm using this for the forums not here)

1. Crib / Cuna

2. Dresser

3. Large Dresser Decoration

4. End Table

5. Toys Box

6. Mouse (toy)

8. Painting

9 - 15 . Wall Art 01 - 08
(The white ones are recolorables)

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Es una preciosidad desdren!! Muchas gracias! :)


Aaaaw! That´s sooo cute! So adorable! Absolutely love it, Desdren! Great work and thank you very much! :)

I love your stuff.May i link your Blog on mine?

Gracias Nuka!

Thank you so much Elena ;)

Of course CaliDea,and thanks for your comment :)

That's just stunning, and so cute!

thx a lot.i linked your blog.

Thank you so much for sharing whit us!Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Me admira ver la creadora en la que te has convertido. Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, es magnifico, y gracias por compartirlo.

Thanks for all the comments :D

Grito! Que bueno verte por aqui, extraño verte por el foro y ver tus diseños de interior. Gracias por comentar, te acuerdas cuando te preguntaba? y que no tenia idea de nada? ;)

I love it! Sorry about the hotlinking problem :( I hope people will learn the proper way to link stuff so that kind people who share their cool stuff arnt disadvantaged...Good luck to you and keep it up!

!!!!!Que bonitaaaaa!!!!! la habitacion infantil es preciosa, me encanta, gracias por crearla y compartila.

Just Gorgeous!! Thanks a lot for sharing! you really have a lot of talent! But, I guess the links to downloading doesn't work because when I tried to download the nursery, a message said "invalid or deleted file" :(

I also wants it but I've got the same problem of the person above me,your nursery is wonderful .
Keep your work good !

I love this set, but it seems the link is broken. It won't let me download on mediafire because it says you have to have special permission from the owner, or something like that.