Kyo Bedroom

1. Bed
2. End Table
3. Pillows

The pillows were made to be placed exactly on the site with "moveobjects on" cheat code, if you want to remove, you need to find the shadow on the ground. Hope you like :)

* Links updated / December 10th 2009  *

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Gracias por este set. Buen trabajo

Gracias a ti por pasarte y comentar :)

Thanks for making it. I actually love it :)

Uhmm where did you get your patterns including the flooring?

Hi Hanna, The flooring is from stylist sims


and the others patterns came with a house that i downloaded at anagnoris blog


Well done Desdren! I like this bed with the pillows. Thank you for sharing.

Amei esse quarto!!!
Pois só uma coisa está faltando pra mim!
Se for possível me diga onde encontro a textura do lençol da cama?
Obrigada e parabéns, sempre venho aqui por que sei que sempre tem novidades, pois vocês são 10!

Hi Sabrina, i don't speak portuguese but i can tell you this in english :D, the texture like i said in a comment before came with a house that i downloaded, but i'm pretty sure that is from TSR (free)

Obrigada, vou procurar!
E mais uma vez você está de parabéns!

Por favor, queria saber como eu ponho as almofadas em cima da cama, sofá...essas coisas
Ps. o seu trabalho é incrível

Luana, in the post i said that the pillows need to be placed with the cheat code "moveobjects on"

Wow, this set is exceptional, first-rate. Thank you so much for sharing all your splendid creations. I value all your creations immensely.

Warmest regards;

*---* muuuuito obrigada mesmo, amei demais! Agradeço mesmo...
Bjos, sucesso..

Thank you so much Judy, i really aprecciate your coment :D

Luana Obrigada :D

I've tried to download all three of your beds, but when it takes me to MediaFire, it says that your file has been deleted. Also, when I download any other sets on the site, none of them show up on my game. It's sort of disappointing because I really like you stuff.