4 Paintings for the kids room - UPDATED

New Recolours


Updated (New Link and ready for Pets)
New Links ( 1 painting with the 4 original recolours + 2 new recolours) 

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felicitaciones es una bella obra
gracias por compartir

These are great! Thankyou very much

What a beautiful Paintings!
Thank you. :)

Thank you very much!
Where can I find this bedspread?
Looks nice!

Hi! Thank you everyone for your comments :)

Anon you can find the bedspread at mod the sims, made by Huge Lunatic

Hi ! Thanks for your wonderfull painting , and the link for the bedspread , but where did you found the bed ?
Bye !! <3

Hi Philippine :) The bed is from one of the lounge sets from the EA store

Thank you Desdren :)
I like the sofa in the 3rd picture, can you tell me where to get it please? :)

Hi Antonella! The sofa is part of a christmas set that i'm making :)

Ok ok, thank you ! I can't wait to see your christmas set !

Philippine :)

I love the colours for the kids paintings. Where can I find the shelves in the picture and the desk?

Hi blossom39 :) both are from the EA store

Preciosos cuadros, muchas gracias.

I love the paintings!!! Where did you get the stuffed animals (moose, lion, snail, panda and walrus) from?

Gracias Joan :)

Anon go to sunhair's creations, is a set of toys ;)

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you made some very beautiful pictures ...

Desdren es precioso esta publicacion! Pero tengo un problema que no me deja abrirlo, no me deja instalarlo! Se necesitaa algun programa especial paraa ello??
Buen trabajo^^

I can't download these. When I click on the link, it says processing download request, then the page refreshes and just keeps doing the same thing over and over. But it won't actually let me download it.

Hi Jenny! I've tried the link, and it's fine, please try again, and if you still can't download let me know to re upload the link in to another site ;)

I tried it again, but it's still doing the same thing. I'm not sure what's going on! I don't think I've ever had a problem with mediafire before. Thank you so much for the quick response. I would really appreciate if you could upload them to another site. They are just adorable and I don't know how I missed then when they first came out!!

I've updated the file, there are 2 new recolours. Please check again, and let me know if you can download this time

Yes, I was able to download it this time. Love the new recolors!! Thank you sooo much!

I love the recolors and it's great to "see" you. Thanks very much!

Hi! I really like those stuffed animals, but i can't seem to find where they are? Where exactly are they from?

Hi Anon, like I said before, these animales are from Sunhair's Creations, the reason you can't find it right now is because of the problems with her blog or web, here is a post where you can read why her web is off http://www.freesimsfinds.com/?p=1862