Stella Diningroom

This diningroom set includes / Este Set de comedor incluye

1. Dining Table 1x2 / Mesa de Comedor 1x2
2. Stella Chair 1 / Silla Stella 1
3. Stella Chair 2 / Silla Stella 2
4. Stella Candle / Vela Stella
5. Stella Runner Table / Camino de Mesa Stella

*Can you give me your opinion about what you want to find in this blog? 

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Precioso!! tienes un gusto exquisito


Such gorgeous work. I don't know what to suggest, but whatever you decide to do, I will be interested. Love how your creations look in the game.

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome creations with us!
really appreciate everything you do!

in reply to your question about suggestions....well, I find that the variety of garden plants is sadly lacking in the game. If you ever feel like making flowers? lol.

Yours is a most excellent blog, Desdren!

Hi Desdren!

Firstly I'd like to thank you for this gorgeous dining setting. Your meshes are wonderful, you are very clever and creative.

As for your Blog.......I love it, one of the best blogs around.

Everthing that you have done so far is great. If you want I could say... more clutter?
Thanks anyway for this set.

hi dresdren! your work is very styly, pretty elegant, you should'nt worry about that! continue.

Perfect classic dining set, it's awesome! I'm hoping you'll maybe do something for a study/office in the future, since the game really lacks a good modern desk or two. But whatever you decide to make next, we'll love it! Thanks for your hard work! :)

Hi everyone! I really appreciate your comments. I'm still learning and i hope that i can improve the quality of the objects as i'm learning more things. Thanks Clausims, B, Lorry and Johanna, knowing that you like what I'm doing means i'm going in to the right direction. Mystique i'll try to make some flowers but they aren't easy to make. Anon i like more clutter too, so in the next sets there will be a little more. And Last Anon, i'm preparing a study, not int the next week, but will be released soon :)

Me encanta!!!Es precioso Desdren! ;)


Lindo este Stella Diningroom!!!

Gostaria de saber se os objetos que estão na mesa vem também, principalmente o vaso de planta, se não vier, você pode informar onde acho para fazer o download?
Obrigada e parabéns por tudo que nos alegra em nossos jogos, os seus objetos lindos!!!

hi .. i love your meshes... plaese can you change the Stella Dining as a sims3pack too? *lovleylooks*

I'm in the way to convert everything to sims3pack, but i'll be busy preparing some sets before i go to vacations. This set, will be the first one :)

*many hugs* ... Thank you ... i love it!!!
I wish you all the best for your vacations!
I wish you nice days and a Merry Christmas! :)

por favor puedes comprobar lo de labels que se queda sin titulos y me puedes decir de donde sacas las ideas para hacer estos muebles tan trabajados y guays

this guy is selling your model in package with other models/mods/textures to The Sims 3. He says all of this models/mods/textures are made by his British friend, fashion designer(of course with her permission). Here is link to this auction(one of them) where he selling not his things(also from TheSimsResource and similar).


Hi Edmund thank you for warning me, I don't know what to do, is a web from Poland and can't find the way to report this guy. Did you tell somebody else like the people of Sims resource? and if you know if this guy have a web or blog where I can contact him, can you post it please?

Hi Dresden,
I love this set, but the links are invalid(both) for download, hope you can fix this :) take care!