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I love this set!!! Where did you get the wall pattern from?

Beautiful!! One of my weaknesses...nice bedrooms!!!! :-)

Yay! I love this! And I featured it at The Daily Download for you as usual!

Hi! Anon it's complicated for me to remember where i get all the patterns that i have in the game, but i think that could be that you can find it in SimsLulamai.
Thank you cecesaun1!!!
Leah Marie you're so kind!!! thank you! thank you! :D

Lovely set! Where can I download the pillow?

^ Here - http://desdren.blogspot.com/2009/11/kyo-bedroom.html

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how to put the beadspread on top of the bed?

Thank you for sharing. i love yr Udden kitchen part 2. lovely!

Desdren, mediafire no longer has the links! I would love to use this beautiful bed you have too!