Linéaire Livingroom


This set includes:
1.Sofa 1x2
2. Sofa 1x3
3. Living Chair
4. Ottoman
5. Coffee Table
6. Vases
7. Floor Lamp

Since the last expansion came out, many people has problems with their packages, so i decided post 2 options of files, in packages and sims3pack, and you can download the type of file you want.

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I really like this set, so clean cut and modern! Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for the comment Anon :)

He is perfect, thank you for this beautiful work..
God always enlighten you.

Thank you so much Mariarita!!!

I love all your things, your are great creator...

Pàrabéns Desdren!!!
Lindo o Set...e onde eu consigo o detalhe das paredes, são persianas ou janelas, enfim, os riscados de preto?


Amei este Set, parabéns!
E onde consigo as persianas ou janelas, enfim, os risco pretos da parede?
Obrigada... Bjssssssssssss

Amei este Set,Parabéns Desdren!
E onde consigo estas persianas ou janelas, os riscos preto das paredes?
Obrigada, bjsssss

Sabrina, i don't speak portuguese, but i think you refer to the windows, i don't remeber but i find it through my sims 3 blog. It would be nice, that the next time you ask me, you can write in english or in spanish, i would be glad.

Hey omg what an awsome set im glad that there is someone that makes perfect designs for ts3 and still by free.
Thanks allot for the great work Desdren.

eu não estou conseguindo nem abrir e nem instalar o conjunto! oq q eu faço? como eu devo salvar?

You can't open the rar? or you can't install it? If you can't install it, i don't know which type of file you refer, sims3pack or package. If is sims3pack, install it through the launcher. If you are trying to install the package, try with the Delphy's program install helper monkey