Mini Set 02

This miniset includes / Este miniset inluye:
1. Armchair / Sofa
2. Puff
3. Coffee Table /Mesa de Café
4.Candles 3 in 1 / Velas 3 en 1
5. Tulips / Tulipanes

Another mini set, this goes of conversions, the conversions are the tulips, the armchair and  thepuff, the candles and the table are mine, the armchair is from  sims divine, I don't left as the original, I have softened so it would look more rounded and didn't have sharp edges; the puff I'm not sure but  it seems is from simventions, like the sofa I fixed a little bit and I had to remap these to have recolor sections. The tulips, are form any ep of sims 2, and i did the vase, sometimes convert give more work that to do from scratch because some objects need to be cleaned and remap, but there are good things from the sims 2 that worthwile

Otro mini set, este va de reconversiones, las reconversiones son los tulipanes, el sofa y el puff, las velitas y la mesa son mías, el sofa es de sims divine, no lo he dejado tal cual, lo he suavizado para que se viera más redondeado y que no tuviera los bordes tan afilados, el puff no estoy muy segura pero me parece que de simventions, al igual que el sofa lo arreglé un poquito y tuve que remapear los dos para tener las secciones recoloreables, de los tulipanes, solo hice el jarrón y tome los tulipanes no se si de alguna expansión de los sims 2, a veces da trabajo reconvertir que hacer de cero, por que hay que limpiar y remapear, pero bueno hay cosas de los sims 2 que valen la pena

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Another beautiful set...thank you:)

I am happy to have a Mummysims objects conversion to TS3. Thanks alot.

Where did you get the snail? It is adorable and great for bathrooms.

Very nice, I need the puff! :)

Thanks B! The snail is from Sunhair's creations :)

Beutiful! Simply beutiful! Thank you so much!!

Great Set as always - thank you :)
I was in search for the snail at sunhair's....can't find it. Have you got a direct link?

I've been looking for that particular armchair for weeks, for a lot I'm building. Thank you a lot for converting it!

Estuve buscando ese sillón en paricular por semanas, para usarlo en un lote que estoy construyendo. ¡Muchas gracias por convertirlo para Sims 3!

Flo from Argentina

The snail is from the last set of toys http://www.sunhairsimscreations.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46

Gracias Flo! me alegra que te haya gustado! :)

Thank you very much for the link and keep up your great work. I enjoy it daily in my game!

Thak you so much for all your comments :)

wow awesome! your creations are beautiful, i love your style