New set with 10 new meshes

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This is my first set and includes:

El set incluye / The Set includes :

- sofa 1x1
- sofa 2x1
- sofa 3x1
- Florero / Vase
- Libros / Books
- Revistas / Magazines
- Juego de Té / Tea Service
- Mesa de Café 1 / Table coffee1
- Mesa de Café 2 / Table coffee 2
- Cuadro grande con marco / Large Painting with frame
- Recolor de Cuadro doble de Simpossible / Recolor of Simpossible's doble painting

you can find it in Casas, cosas, sims too (there will be more updates, it worth registering)


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I made something so i could link to your site. here they are if you want to post them up for people to use when they link to you!



I really appreciate your work, the images are great!