Sofa + Collage Painting

This Sofa was my first experiment when i started meshing, is simple but i want to share it with my new painting, if you don't want it or like, just drop out :P

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If you had problems with the link, please try this one:

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I have been waiting on this when I saw it in a preview of one of your paintings. Thanks, cause now I got it. :)

Thanks for you comment B, what a relief that someone likes this sofa ;)

You're welcome.

Mediafire is being a crud, so I have to wait to get the chair. Don't have it yet.

Me encanta este set, pero no puedo descargarloooo cry
Es fabuloso, te felicito!! clap

I absolutely LUV all of your work! I am thrilled to see so much talent coming from the Sims 3 community but some stand out more than others and you are one of them. The quality of your meshes and your talent for using colour so well make you a special member of the custom content community. Thank you SO much for all your hard work and your generosity in sharing what you create. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. :-)


B and Anonimo, i post an alternative link in megaupload, i have had to create an account. Hope this work you.

Rhiannon you're so kind with your comment! :)

All your work is AWESOME! I LOOOVE IT!

I love your work, my game would be very boring without your wonderful objects. Thank you!
One question, in your picture the chair looks like it has several recolor parts, but mine has only one? It's such a cute chair please help, thank you

Anon the chair have 3 recolor parts, the chair, the cushion and the legs :)

Muchas gracias Dresden ya pude descargarlo
felicitaciones por tu trabajo

Thank you...has a cozy feel.

Hi! I adore your collage painting and use it in my builds :) Thanks so much for all your hard work to make our games look nicer. I also wanted to clarify my understanding of your Creative Commons policy. I am free to share this existing mesh with credit to you, but I cannot make a recolor of the mesh and share that (of course, giving you credit for the mesh)? Thanks again, Kathy.

You can make a recolor of this painting using the mesh (and share it), the only thing that i'm asking for is that you need to share a link back to the original mesh. You can't share the original painting, but you can post the link to my blog.