So Sad, and cowardly

This is what happened at Sim Control:

During today a netherlands hacker has deleted all the content of our site and has covered all the sections with strong language and pornography.
Fortunately, there was in our disposal a security backup of the whole site from 3.00AM of this morning, so we were able to return to the site as it was this morning before the hacking.
We apologise to all the users that suffered this situation, we've worked hard and quickly to solve it as soon as possible.
Also I have to say that all of you can feel secure in our site because we have really strong security systems and tools that protect all the users' data. The attack we suffered was a direct attack, so it's not related to our site's security.

The attack was because Pilar joined to the FA of The Sims Resource. It's a shame that we see this in a community where the goal is to share our love for the sims, I see a long presence of excessive charges, demands, criticism and blame for many people who create for the sims, whether long career, newbies, free or pay. People have lost its way, the struggle of the people anti TSR takes things to an extreme inadmissible, I agree with that should not be charged the creations for the sims, but I strongly disagree with this act of cowardice. It is cowardly because they went to a site whose content is free, i think they have fear of Thomas. Pilar is a great Artist and only, in all her career, have one item for pay, is that not fair. Was the work of an entire community...

I'm happy that they're back and they can solve the problems, so please, if you don't like the things you saw in a site, go to another, or with respect say why you are in disagree, not reach these extremes.

(sorry my grammar i hope i expresed myself correctly)

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A lot of sites have been hacked. Not just Sims Control- a lot of them have been anti-TSR people actually. Bogsims, Luina's Sims, Sims 3 Central, Simtopia, all free creators who don't submit to any paysites ever. It isn't a pay vs free thing, or an anti-tsr thing. It is someone being a jerk

Pilar is not alone in this- actually if you know her perhaps you should let her know that a lot of free sites are getting hacked lately, Shanow at Sims3Central/LuinaSims, Witchboy, L.J at Simtopia, and ReginaS at Bogsims would like to get to the bottom of who has been hacking everyone's sites- and would like to compare IP's to see if there were any common IP's numbers or new member emails from around the time their sites got hacked

Yes you are right is someone being jerk, but the comments that left in her site were about her joining with TSR, thanks for the data, i will tell this to someone who is near to her.

What! Someone attacked Pilar's site cause she is a FA? How can they be so cruel? I have loved Pilar's work since TS2, before SimsControl and after she started the site. Was a little disappointed she went pay, but she looks like she is still creating for her site.

I still love what she offers at SC, but will not buy anything at TSR. Still, that don't warrant hacking her site. That is total stupidity.

I'm with you, i won't buy anything at TSR, and i'm not agree with the pay thing. But this is not the way to solve the problems.

..the hacker may not necessarily be from an associated sims website or even a modder. Though I find it funny how no-one has ever complained about the TSR workshop.exe fiasco...
..for you guys, maybe you'll only ever play the sims lest bother with any other game. But TSR , peggy, rose et al have definitely set a dangerous precedent that modders & gamers alike worldwide won't take lying down...

so sad. it's strange and stupid to do such a thing. i don't agree with paysites, but everyone is "free" to propose his own work for free or not.

People are not nice, someone gives of there time and they get hacked!! I think the hacker doesn’t’ realise that all the free stuff is actually someone’s time and effort not something that appears magically, I’ve just been on simcentral and thankfully it all right.

Unfortunately a nastiness in behavior hangs over all parts of the internet. If only these badly behaving children(I am being kind with my words) would spend more time doing things that are constructive rather than being destructive to things that people have given much time and effort to then maybe there would be hope for the rest of the world. As far as the pay/not pay argument it's like if there is something objectionable to someone on television you have the option to turn it off or to change channels--same goes with Sims sites---if you don't like what is being done on one site, there are other sites to go to. After all we are in a community which was spawned from a game that recognizes and embraces differences.


Hello everyone, I did not intend to create a debate, but I'm glad that my post did not go unnoticed, every one of you is right, Anon, I've tried the workshop and my anitivirus did the same of the image, and I read the information in Maty and PMBD, not overlooked, simply, in my case, I will avoid using it. And as Johanna and Springwalker says, is about making things right, if you don't like something, change channels, in this case of site, TSR would not suceed if people didn't support it.

I'm really sad...but I think it's not "anti TSR people" who have make that.
Maybe it's TSR people, Thomas's crew who have hacked SC to make us believe that the anti paysite are just stupid and cruel?
I dont' know if i'm clear, sorry for my bad english...maybe i'm just paranoid!!

the stuff on tsr isn't even any good the people that make the stuff aren't making the money as far as i know!!
the furniture on this site is beautiful thank-you i hope you keep this site! you have good taste as well as nicely made items and paintings!

Hi Desdren

A lot of sick people out there.



Thanks for the comments Aurélie, Anon and Carlos. Aurélie, is hard at this point to think that is TSR who is behind this attack (i'm not sure 100%) but the attacks hasn't finished, until today Pilar continues receiving threats and insults in her blog, they accuse her of greedy and ambitious, and is the target of all kinds of rude words. Anon is in my plans to continue sharing the things i do for free. And Carlos you're right,only a sick person, could do these things

Won't take lying down? I don't get it. What are these people doing to you? I do not argue with those who say the content should be free, but if its not free, then don't buy it. "Not taking it lying down" sounds to me as if people are taking this personally, as if the creators selling their items are injuring them in some way. Whether its right or wrong, they are doing nothing to warrant attacking their site. In fact, in a court of law, it is the hackers who will get in trouble, not the creators...unless EA decides to go after them and obviously that is not going to happen.

It is so sad that people are angry about this, especially when they don't have to pay for any items, even if they want them as we all know. I love the Sim community but I fear we will see many stop creating because of actions like this. I may not want to pay someone for an item, but I certainly would not hurt them because of it.