Elegance Diningroom

Este Set Incluye 12 meshes nuevas / This set includes 12 new meshes:

1. Mesa de comedor 1x3 / Dining Table 1x3
2. Silla / Chair
3. Vitrina 1 / Cupboard 1
4. Vitrina 2 / Cupboard 2
5. Aparador 1x2 / Sideboard 1x2
6. Hiedra en copa de cristal / Ivy in Glass
7. Lirios / Lillies
8. Cuadro 1- Baroque Silohuette/ Painting 1- Baroque Silohuette
9. Cuadro 2 - Maison Parisienne / Painting 2 - Maison Parisienne
10. Cuadro 3- Peony Dusk / Painting 3 - Peony Dusk
11. Estantería / Shelves
12. Vela / Candle
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New Shelf and Paintings Recolors


12 comentarios:

I had to register at the other site because I love this set, but I'm sure you just made a lot of other people happy:)

Thanks soo much for making this available for those who had difficulty registering. Thanks again!

Sorry for the delay and inconvenience :)

Hi I think your stuff is absolutely stunning, I can't wait to see what's next. Can I ask where the curtains are from in the pictures of your dining room set?

Hi, someone askme the same in other forum :), this are from The sims resource, made by Shino&KCR... and are free http://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/Shino&KCR/downloads/details/category/sims3-objects/title/ShinoKCRCurtainCeilingtoFloor1tl%20/id/914190/

Amazing work you’ve done, thanks loads

Thank you for sharing this set. It is lovely. Sadly, though, the wall shelf is causing blue lot corruption in my game. I've had to remove it from my downloads. :-(

I just wanted to make you aware of the problem. I love your work and hope that you will continue sharing with the community.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll check back here for any comments you might have.

Hi Catherine! Yesterday i read at custom sims that problem, and i'm in the way to convert everything, and like you said, some objects need to be done from scratch because with the last patch/expansion were changed. I don't know when i will able to finish, i'll be traveling for 5 weeks, and i'm working in new sets and a friend of mine will be releasing those when i'm gone. I hope you understand. and thank you for let me know the problem :)

Of course, I understand. I like your work so much, I just wanted to try to help if could. :-D

Hope you have a fun trip!