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Barceló Bedroom


1.  Bed
2. Bedspread
3. End Table
4. Lamp


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Linéaire Livingroom


This set includes:
1.Sofa 1x2
2. Sofa 1x3
3. Living Chair
4. Ottoman
5. Coffee Table
6. Vases
7. Floor Lamp

Since the last expansion came out, many people has problems with their packages, so i decided post 2 options of files, in packages and sims3pack, and you can download the type of file you want.


Stella Diningroom

This diningroom set includes / Este Set de comedor incluye

1. Dining Table 1x2 / Mesa de Comedor 1x2
2. Stella Chair 1 / Silla Stella 1
3. Stella Chair 2 / Silla Stella 2
4. Stella Candle / Vela Stella
5. Stella Runner Table / Camino de Mesa Stella

*Can you give me your opinion about what you want to find in this blog? 


5 Paintings in 1 - File Fixed

5 paintings in one file

I'm sorry the file was corrupted when was added to the winrar, the link is fixed now with a new file, if you downloaded yesterday this file you need to replace it with this one.


Kyo Bedroom

1. Bed
2. End Table
3. Pillows

The pillows were made to be placed exactly on the site with "moveobjects on" cheat code, if you want to remove, you need to find the shadow on the ground. Hope you like :)

* Links updated / December 10th 2009  *


4 Paintings for the kids room - UPDATED

New Recolours


Updated (New Link and ready for Pets)
New Links ( 1 painting with the 4 original recolours + 2 new recolours) 


D Dining Set

This is the painting that i used in the homely set

This set is in fact a mini set, includes 3 things:
1. Dining Chair (Sims 2 play conversion)
2. Dining Table 2x1 (sims 2 play conversion)
3. Tea Service ( 3D Studio Library)

the name "D" comes from the original "Dita" Set of Sims 2 Play

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* Updated December 10th 2009 *