Indie Diningroom

This Set includes 10 new meshes

1. Chair
2. Table
3. Candle
4. Vase 1
5. Vase 2
6. Vase 3
7. Table Runner
8. Rug
9. Dinner Plate
10. Painting


Updated: New Link and Fixed for Pets

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17 comentarios:

I love your work! Thank you for sharing with us!

Hola Dresden!! Que dining mas bonito! Me gusta muchisimo, y las alfombras son una preciosidad.
Muchas gracias!!

WOW,Como siempre haces cosas fabulosas.

it's magnifical ! I love your work ! bravo !

Thank you so much for your comments :) ;D Anons, Loverdag, Holly, Maria

Beryl gracias por pasarte! :D

Gracias a todos de verdad por comentar

What a nice and trendy set! Thanks so much :)

Espectacular desdren!!! ;)


I loved, thanks for share your creations with us, i love to show your creations in Brazil, you are always in my blog.
have a nice day...

Anon Thank you very much!

Nuka muchas gracias y bienvenida!

Natali thanks for your comment, i really appreciate it :D

You are fabulous and giving this for free, thanks man . COuld you please do some kitchen.

I love all of your work. ALL of it. However, I think this set is my absolute favorite so far. Keep it up, as everything you create is beautiful.

Hello again! I couldn't find any contact info, and was wondering if we have permission to make recolors of your meshes, and share the recolors? I'm just learning to recolor for Sims 3, and would like to use some of your painting meshes, but wasn't sure if recoloring is allowed. Thank you again for all your beautiful work!

Love your creations! Was wondering though if you'd mind if someone converted your creations to sims 2?

Will this work in my game if I don´t hace the pets expa?? Sorry I am new at this :)
PD: everything is amazing!