Ava Diningroom

This Set Includes / Este Set Incluye

1. Chair
2. Table
3. Candle 1
4. Candle 2
5. Ceiling Lamp
6. Sugar Bowl /
7. Plant
8. Sideboard
9. Cupboard


Updated - New Link and fixed for Pets

7 comentarios:

Wow - this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your work and for sharing.

Set is great, really :) Just a little question - are those paintings shown in pictures your work, too? I'm sorry but I failed searching for them, so I'm asking, because they go with dining very well.

Thank you both for your comments :D

Anon, you can find the paintings in here http://desdren.blogspot.com/2009/11/5-paintings-in-1.html

Thank you so much for the beautifull Ava Diningroom, you are very creative and non stop making gorgeous stuff unbelieveble. Muchas Gracias

I love it! Fabulous job on a gorgeous set. Now I need to build more dining rooms. Haha.

Thanks alot for sharing.

Mary you are so kind :D
B welcome back :D