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Updated Paintings

Hi again, I know, two updates in a week! well is not a big update, but I'm trying to update all the blog, from the first ones to the last ones. So please be patient, and thank you for your visits.


Patterns Pack 3 and two links updated

Hi everyone, I really want to updated all my links, but really don't have much time, but i'm working on it, for now, I've updated two more links, both are patterns:

Patterns pack 1

Patterns Pack 2

And when I was updating this patterns, I was realized that I had one pack (pack 3) that I forgot in my files, thinking that anytime I could post, but I never did it. It's simple, but I want to share this with you.


Technical problems :(

Hi!!! recently my mediafire account was hacked, someone stole my account and I'm reporting this issue to mediafire, but  meantime, you can't download any file of the blog, I'm going to reupload all the files to another account so you can download all my sets, be patient please.

The first set that was updated and reupload is the Breuer Livingroom

I'm going to update here the links:
Velvet Kitchen
Udden Kitchen
Udden Kitchen Part II
Camille Livingroom
Ava Diningroom
Dolce Vita Livingroom and Livingroom
Elke Livingroom
Indie Diningroom
Painting for Kids room
Ollie Nursery
Plants Collection
Spring Set
Patterns Pack 1
Patterns Pack 2
Elf Princess 8 Recolors


Goetz Sofa


This is my first post of the year and the first since I'm a mother,so i don't have time for the sims, but I didn't want to leave this sofa without  sharing. I'll try to update all the sets to the new patch, this sofa is ready to use with the new patch (and pets).

This is the sofa in real life:
Molded plywood carries an immediate association with classic Herman Miller designs, and Mark Goetz skillfully and creatively incorporates this material in his sofa design. By using common materials and processes in innovative ways, Goetz achieved a clean-lined, modern aesthetic.

And this is how the sofa looks in game

I don't know if someone make this already, but this is my version and I hope you like it.